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Our goal is to write amazing press for you! Our writers use this questionnaire as the primary source of inspiration.

To ensure that you receive the best possible press we need you to fill out the questionnaire as fully and accurately as possible. We are not responsible for outdated/ incorrect information or missing information so please review your questionnaire carefully before you submit it.

Story type:

  • Profile Article (Promotional. Includes name, profile / bio, call-to-action / invitation. Article or interview style)
  • Examples:
  • Editorial feature PR (third person, lots of anecdotes, creative storytelling)
  • Example:
  • Advertorial / Brand Voice – (Informative or thought-piece; advertisement in the form of an editorial article; relevant topic, with the client, featured as an expert on the topic)
  • Examples:
  • Listicle (a top list, a chart, or a set of tips that aim to educate or inform. Client is sometimes featured as part of the list.)
  • Example:
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